National Handwriting Day

There is an exceptional interior design book that features an artist living in Manhattan who framed a simple, handwritten reminder from his grandfather:

 “Michael, be careful when using the electric drill.” 

His grandfather has passed away, but this mundane note helps the homeowner keep his memory alive and serves as a work of art on the carefully arranged walls. 

Our handwriting is an extension of our person. To someone that knows us well, it can be as recognizable as our face. 

At Golden View, we teach students that handwriting ought to be legible and neat, not distracting from the thoughts we are attempting to communicate. Beginning in Kindergarten we emphasize taking pride in the hard work that goes into developing handwriting skills.  Every January, we recognize National Handwriting Day by holding a competition in which students and staff may enter to display their craft - complete with judging and prizes!

Congratulations to this year’s winners:
Mabel Hamann - Grades 1-3
Rebecca Hitch - Grades 4-6
Clare Freers - Upper School
Mrs. Kraft (5th Grade) - Staff

Exceptional handwriting is something to work towards and to celebrate. And, since it can outlast us, it might as well be beautiful.