January Newsletter

We hope you will take a moment to read our January Monthly Newsletter to learn what we've been up to this month. 

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Garrow's cover letter: 

"I walked through the school yesterday afternoon, and was struck by a bright blue, and quite large, Paw Patrol backpack. Not my choice in backpack, necessarily, but adorable nonetheless. I’m more of a Grizzy and the Lemmings kind of dad, though I’m not sure they have any backpacks. With a kindergartener coming next year, I’m sure to find out and will report back.

The student was being excellent - not running or yelling, but walking calmly, holding his big brother’s hand, a big brother who is in Middle School. They would ordinarily not see each other at the end of the day like this, the way schools are typically split up, and would never be milling around with High School students who are about to do their winter track work-outs or about to study. Their examples, out in the wild as it were, would never really influence each other...." Click here to continue reading.