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September at Golden View


September 2021

Dear Golden View Classical Academy Supporter,

America the Beautiful, at least the stanzas that we know, sings of our natural grandeur. Seas shine, national monuments dot the landscape, and pilgrims beat across the wilderness. But for all of our natural beauty, it is worth recalling what makes a country truly and enduringly beautiful and worthy of our affection. After all, it is possible to have a lovely landscape managed by a tyrant, and therefore soiled by something ugly - just ask Eastern Europe. This concern strikes at the heart of what we do at Golden View Classical Academy - present the reasons for our country and shared heritage beyond any natural endowments we happen to enjoy.

You can measure the nobility or beauty of a regime by its taste for deliberation. I mean that when we hear public figures speak, our ears should be attuned to the kind of reasons they give, the kind of speech and persuasion they use. It is one thing to just declare a rule and walk away, like a doctor who just tells a patient to do as he is told, and quite another to present not only the best reasons on one side, but the reasonable alternatives on the other. That would be more like a doctor who, knowing that you need to do something, is aware that you have your own priorities and those deserve to be weighed in the balance.

In the Upper School, we take this taste for deliberation seriously through a program called the Arts of Speech. We require students in each grade, 7th through 12th, to present one defined and specific speech, requiring preparation and focus on logic, on emotion, and on character. The result, importantly, is not just good speakers, but good listeners. Our aim is not merely that students be just and moderate in their persuasion, but that they learn to accept and enjoy a certain kind of public argument, and learn to reject and dislike others. Again, when a public person does not present reasons, or only presents some reasons and not others, or if a public person flippantly considers matters of grave concern, matters that affect us all and deserve our attention, it should be offensive to our refined sensibilities. And by “refined” I don’t mean soft and dainty, but honed, sharpened, and incisive. 

An education in speech or rhetoric is an education of the soul, an education that teaches students what counts as a fair and weighty reason. The result, we think, is a country that is beautiful for its taste in thinking things through, its ability and interest to do so, and its demand that others do the same. And it doesn’t hurt to have amber waves of grain...


Dr. Garrow

Principal, Golden View Classical Academy

king arthur


One of my favorite aspects of the curriculum at Golden View is how thoughtfully the different subjects we study intertwine.  Over the past few weeks, we have been reading about the thrilling adventures of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table.  In this story, we have heard terms such as “squire,” “jousting,” and “the Code of Chivalry.”  Many of these terms are unfamiliar to students, but concurrently in our history class we are studying the Middle Ages.  There, we study the history behind the formation of knights and the development of their code of standards.  Thus, both these classes enrich the other - one providing the information, the other a rich narrative to help students envision this world more clearly.

From Ms. Mulvey, a 4th Grade teacher at Golden View



High School Volleyball swiftly became one of the most popular sports offered at Golden View thanks to a core group of Seniors who have played since their Freshmen year. Their leadership promotes a strong bond amongst all 24 girls who are playing this year between JV and Varsity. The team logged many hours this summer preparing for the season. Their hard work gave them the skills and confidence needed to approach all of their opponents with tenacity, and the endurance to keep up with a full game schedule. Most of their opponents are from schools within the newly formed Foothills League that will be officially sanctioned by CHSAA starting in the 2022-2023 school year. Our teams have been grateful to be able to host a number of home games this year, and were honored to play in our first ever Homecoming game the week of the dance.

The schedule of remaining games can be found here


New Website and App

We recently launched our new website and app! We have officially our new GVCA website and app! Now you can access information about events, school announcements, and day-to-day news right on your phone. The app can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.  If you would like to opt into push notifications for news and live feed posts, you can do so by clicking “Settings” and “Push Notifications.”

Board Meeting

The October Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 20 at 5:30pm in the Bailey Heritage Library. You can find meeting agendas on our website ahead of time by clicking on "Meeting Minutes and Agendas" in the "Due Diligence" section of the main menu.

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