We are Sentinels.


The Sentinel Experience

The student experience at Golden View Classical Academy is unique among schools.


We pair rigorous academics — set in a disciplined, traditional setting — with a high noble purpose; education that is virtue-oriented rather than skills-oriented. This approach develops within our students the ability to understand the highest matters, the deepest questions of truth.

Students learn how to think, rather than what to think.


The Sentinel Creed.

We are the Sentinels

We study the world to know it better,
To thrive in our lives and build our future.
We preserve the past as the best guide for living today.

It is the source of our strength, our virtue, and our longing
It gives us the courage to act but the moderation not to when prudence tells us otherwise;
The disposition to be just in our deeds and responsible for our choices.

The desire to nurture deep friendships as life’s true riches;
And the thirst to live a life of wonder as an inheritance we are honor-bound to protect.
And all of this with relish, to do what is just, love what is beautiful, and seek what is good for ourselves, our friends, and our fellows.

I am a Sentinel.




Our Way of Life

At Golden View Classical Academy we practice the art of teaching, which respects the intellectual environment while cultivating curiosity in our students. Curiosity drives people to know and understand more, to strive and seek to grow. Our virtue-oriented culture gives our students the rich knowledge they need along with principles of moral character and civic virtue. Our traditional classroom ethos  embraces an intentionally low-tech environment in order to cut out the distractions of smartphones and other attention-sapping devices, allowing our students to better-focus on what is being taught.


Too many schools have lost sight of the higher possibilities inherent in education, focusing primarily on college and career readiness, as if those are the only two things that matter. We want to prepare our students to go on to live meaningful, fulfilling, productive, happy lives, and for that a certain moral and intellection formation is vital.

The House System

Our House System splits the Upper School (grades 7-12) into six Houses, each of which contains students from all Upper School grades. The purpose of the Houses is to provide for a widely dispersed student government, with leadership and ambassadorship opportunities for those who seek them out. With their Houses, students plan and execute school events, foster mentoring relationships between various grades, and develop unique traditions. Each House is named after a famous Roman from the republican era: Lucius Junius Brutus, Publius Valerius Publicola, Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, Marcus Furius Camillus, Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus, and Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Houses compete for points in three Sentinel Games throughout the year and in the Campus Martius at the end of the year. Students also earn points for academic and character awards throughout the year.

When students graduate, they will have had up to seven years of planning and executive experience. If and when they choose to attend college, they will have the practical knowledge of how to begin clubs and associations, which is one of the core features of strong citizenship. The House System, then, is an education in civics because of the habits it encourages and forms.