Color Studies

Mrs. Bain is now in the midst of a series of color studies of Abraham Lincoln before launching on the final work. Part of the process is thinking through what one intends to convey in the work as it relates to the subject at hand, and playing with the color and lighting. On the right are two small color studies (they are each 12x9") in the same aspect ratio as the final work’s intended size 36"x48". The two studies explore slight variations in background tones, based on the colors of the White House library as depicted by old paintings and engravings. The final work will by no means be an exact replica, but it will have an authentic feeling to it. The room would have been dark, with red curtains and darker-toned wallpaper. These are rough depictions that present a clearer idea of the composition and color scheme. The final painting will be much more exact.
As you can see in these two studies, one preserves a contemplative Lincoln, mulling over the Second Inaugural Address, alone with his thoughts. The other presents a direct relation between Lincoln and the viewer, as a challenge or an invitation to consider his thoughts with him. The final work can only be one or the other, or at least it must be decided which of those two presentations is dominant on the whole. We are excited to share which one it is when the work is completed!
Golden View Classical Academy is planning an evening to unveil this painting on May 24, 2018. Tickets will be available to parents shortly after spring break.
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