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Family Handbook

Family Handbook

The purpose of the Family Handbook is to ensure parents and students are aware of school policies and expectations.  School policies are adopted by the Golden View Classical Academy Board of Directors.  Updated policies will be posted on the school website and are always the most current.

The Golden View Classical Academy Board of Directors approved the following policy additions and revisions in the 2019-2020 Family Handbook:

During the meeting on September 18, 2019:

  • Policy SE-9.0 Personal Hygiene

  • Policy AP-23.0 Student Services

During the meeting on August 14, 2019:

  • Policy SE-16.0 Electronic Device Policy

  • Policy SE-4.0 Enrollment Policy

Volunteer Handbook

Volunteerism at Golden View

Golden View Classical Academy rests on a partnership between the school and families. Volunteering is a crucial element in that partnership. Golden View Classical relies on volunteers throughout the school day and during other events sponsored by the school. One of the best ways to be involved, in fact, is in helping with our community events such as the fall Luau, Winterfest, Valentine’s Day Dance, and the Caritas Aurea.

The classical model of education prioritizes the role of the teacher in the classroom, direct instruction, and Socratic conversation. For these reasons, the school’s volunteering needs during the school day are primarily in assisting teachers with their administrative and supervisory tasks.


Individuals interested in volunteering at Golden View Classical Academy must read the Volunteer Handbook and acknowledge the expectations and policies therein. Volunteer Agreements may be completed during registration or at the front desk.