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Uniform Policy and Dress Code


A school uniform follows from the nature of a school. Where students are allowed to wear whatever they please, fashion often becomes a kind of tyranny, exercising great control over a student’s mind, in everything from social relationships, concerns over popularity, questions of individual expression, and the tenor of a classroom. Golden View Classical Academy holds that a school is primarily about directing students to happiness, which means the exercise of their highest faculties in the noble use of leisure. A school uniform is part of instilling studious, respectful, and orderly habits in service of that pursuit.

In particular, a uniform serves four main goals. First, it removes or diminishes distractions in the classrooms, and contributes to an orderly environment. Second, it helps students take school more seriously, by acknowledging through put-together, clean, and classy dress that they respect fellow classmates, teachers, and the common enterprise of education. Third, it develops school identity and pride. Wearing attire that sets one apart as a Sentinel distinguishes the student and the school as special. Finally, the uniform prevents students from placing too heavy an emphasis on clothes as a manner of self-expression. We expect students to express their individuality thoughtfully and cogently, which is far better in a simple and civil conversation than it is througha vague message sent through “expressive” clothing. In this, the school uniform requires astudent to express herself in crisp, articulate, and reasoned argument.

For these reasons, students are expected to adhere to the school’s uniform policy. When questions about particular aspects of the uniform arise, the student is expected to take his or her bearing from the four arguments above.

Uniform Boards

General Uniform Guidelines


Students should present themselves well at school, which means they need to be well-groomed and clean-shaven at all times, and should be neat and tidy in appearance.

Visible tattoos and body art must be sufficiently covered. Only ear piercings are allowed, and earrings must be small and not distracting (no gauge or dangling earrings). Hair must be combed or at least not sloppy, and must be a natural-looking color. Students with unnatural-looking hair will be asked to style it in a fashion that comports with these guidelines. Make-up, too, must be light and natural-looking. Students with heavy or unnatural make-up will be asked to remove it.


Hairpieces and bows must not be distracting and, therefore, must not be large (that is, no bigger than the size of your child’s fist). They must fit with the neutral color scheme of our plaid (not red, pink, orange, green, or other bright, non-neutral colors). Only the Lands’ End plaid necktie and bow tie are allowed.

Skirts and Shorts

While students grow over the course of the year, making skirt and short length a real variable, they should still be mindful and respect the 3” above the knee rule. This rule still applies when students wear leggings. As a matter of enforcement, this will begin as a conversation between faculty and student. Should a student continue to wear an inappropriately short skirt or shorts, he or she will be required to change clothes for the day. We recommend that students wear modesty shorts or leggings underneath skirts.


We recognize that students may wish to wear something warmer than our Polo or oxford shirt inside the building. Often, however, outerwear has proved a way for students to avoid the uniform policy entirely.

Only specified cardigans, crew sweaters, V-necks, and half-zip fleece pullovers (with the logo) may be worn inside the building, including the atrium and the gym. Full-zip coverings, jackets, and vests are considered outerwear and are not acceptable while school is in session. Students may wear outerwear outside so long as it is in good taste, i.e. not offensive.

Undershirts must be a neutral color (white, black, gray, navy, or tan/brown).

Footwear, Shoestrings, and Socks

Footwear must be plain and neutral in a solid color (white, black, gray, navy, or tan/brown). Small logos and minimal stripes on shoes are acceptable if they are a neutral color (white, black, gray, navy, or tan/brown).

All footwear must be closed-toe with a closed-heel no more than 1” high. Nice boots and dress shoes must not rise more than 1” above the ankle. Winter, rain, cowboy/riding, and hiking boots are not allowed in the classroom. Winter and rain boots may be brought to school for recess and other outdoor activities during the school day.

Nice boots and dress shoes are recommended, but athletic shoes that adhere to these guidelines are acceptable, especially for Grammar School students. Some approved footwear options are available on the Land’s End website.

Shoestrings must be a solid, neutral color (white, black, gray, navy, or tan/brown). Socks must be worn with all footwear and also be solid, neutral colors. No-show socks are acceptable. Boot socks are not allowed.

Physical Education Clothes

Shorts must be a solid, neutral color (white, black, gray, navy, or tan/brown) and must not be more than 3” above the knee. T-shirts must be plain and neutral in a solid color (white, black, gray, navy, or tan/brown). Some of these are on Lands’ End’s website for easier purchase. We highly recommend these, since students will thereby guarantee that there are no markings or other distractions on the shirts.

Shirts with the Golden View logo are allowed to be worn for PE class. This includes spirit wear purchased through the school.

Ordering Information


Lands’ End items may be ordered online. Find the school using the School Number option (our school number is 900168568) or search for the school using the School Name and Location. Create or sign into your account and start shopping with your personalized product checklist.


To order via phone, call 1-800-469-2222 and reference our School Number: 900168568.

Our Logo and Plaid

The Golden View Classical Academy logo and classic navy plaid is available through Lands’ End only. Therefore, all items requiring the logo or our classic navy plaid must be purchased from Lands’ End. The Golden View Classical Academy logo is property of the school and may not be used or shared without explicit administration approval.