Clubs offer students a leisurely way to pursue their interests, deepen their understanding of our curriculum, and hone their practice of our core virtues.  


Grades: 10-12

Contact: Ms. Legueri

When: Varies

Runs: August-September, April-May

Fee: None

Location: Golden View 

The Ambassador Program pairs qualified Upper School students with students who are new to the school. Ambassadors assist new students in their adjustment to Golden View Classical Academy. During September, Ambassadors meet weekly on Friday during Advisement with new students.

Grades: 3-12

Contact: Mr. von Hoffmann

When: 3:30-4:30pm, Mondays

Runs: September-December

Fee: None

Location: Room 20

Chess club meets weekly in 20 for informal weekly play with lessons and assistance upon request. A tournament within the school will be held further in the year.


Grades: 7-12

Contact: Mr. Pfafflin

When: 3:15-4:15pm

Runs: September-May

Fee: TBD

Location: Mr. Pfafflin’s room, room 110

Debate Club is a fun and mentally-stimulating way for students to intelligently debate a range of controversial topics throughout the year. Club leaders aim to host debate competitions with other Colorado classical schools, as well as hold debates among club members. Members will learn formal logic and debate skills, then apply them in competitions.

Grades: 3-5, 6th Grade helpers

Contact: Mrs. Constransitch 

When: 3:00-4:30pm on Wednesdays; first meeting is Wednesday, October 9

Runs: October-May

Fee: $25 (for all supplies)

Location: Grammar School Art, room 11

The Knitting Club is an extracurricular art club for grades 3-5 (6th Grade helpers are needed). This club will continue refining knitting and finishing skills from last year, but no experience is necessary for students who want to join.


Grades: 10-12 by invitation and recommended by faculty

Contact: Dr. Jackson

When: Upper School lunch, as needed

Runs: September-May

Fee: TBD

Location: TBD

The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization for high school students in the United States and outlying territories, which consists of many chapters in high schools. Selection is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. NHS chapters and students are in schools that care not only about student achievement, but also community engagement. NHS students and their peers volunteer in their communities at the highest rates and make connecting with and serving within the community a priority.

Grades: 7-12

Contact: Ms. Genereux 

When: One Saturday per month, TBD

Runs: September-November, January-May

Fee: TBD (determined depending on activity)

Location: Varies

The Outdoor Club is back for another great year of once monthly Saturday excursions for hiking, cross-country skiing, and potentially mountain biking and fishing!


Grades: 1-3, helpers in grades 6-12

Contact: Mrs. File and Ms. Johnson

When: 3:05-3:30pm, days TBD

Runs: November-April

Fee: None

Location: Library

Students in grades 1-3 who could benefit from extra reading practice are paired with older students to read aloud. Math help is also available during this time.

Grades: 6-9

Contact: Dr. Jackson

When: 3:00-4:00pm, 3:00-4:30pm beginning in November

Runs: September-early March

Fee: Travel expenses for competition, as needed

Location: Room 221

Within 23 events, eight are knowledge-based where students study materials and take a test. Another eight are process or inquiry based, where students have to complete tests or experiments. In the last seven events, students have to design and build something, like a computer game, rocket, or glider plane that gets tested in the competition. Students generally compete in three or four events. There is a regional and state competition; the regionals competition is in late February or early March, and the state competition is in April. The top five teams from each regional competition go to state.


Grades: 4-6

Contact: Mrs. Eddy 

When: 3:00-4:00pm, Tuesdays, beginning September 17

Runs: September-May

Fee: $130

Location: Mrs. Eddy’s room, room 10

A select choir of dedicated and enthusiastic musicians in grades 4-6 who want to grow as singers and performers. Sentinel Singers represents Golden View in 5-7 performances per school year, including a Rockies Game and an outreach tour in April. The Tour will be performed “show choir” style with choreography, costumes and speaking parts—much like a musical but less time-intensive. This tour provides a valuable opportunity to learn the power of sharing music in a very special way with classic Golden View excellence and style!   

Concert Dates:

  • Grandparents Day - Wednesday, October 23, 9:00am, Golden View gym

  • Grammar School Winter Concert - Tuesday, December 17, 6:30pm, Bunker Auditorium

  • Sentinel Singers Preview - Thursday, April 23, 6:30pm

  • Sentinel Singers Tour - Saturday, April 25, 8:00am-4:00pm

  • Rockies Game - April/May, TBD

  • Grammar School Spring Concert - Tuesday, May 5, 6:30pm, Bunker Auditorium

Grades: 2-3  (1st Grade by request, email Ms. Black)

Contact: Ms. Black

When: 3:00-4:00pm, Tuesdays

Runs: November 5, 2019-March 17, 2020

Fee: $15 (covers all supplies)

Location: TBD

The goal of Sewing Club is to introduce young students to thread and fiber arts while promoting coordination and dexterity. Students will design and complete one small project each month. Throughout the course of the club, students will practice weaving, embroidery, and sewing skills.  

There will be an informational meeting on Tuesday, October 29 from 3:15-3:45pm, location TBD.


Grades: 7-12

Contact: Mr. Petersen

When: 3:15-4:15 on Fridays and November 25-27

Runs: October-November

Fee: $85

Location: TBD and State Capitol

Annually, for over 80 years, in nearly all 50 states, high school students head to their respective state capitals to participate in Youth in Government. Youth in Government (YIG), is a unique program which gives middle school and high school students from all over Colorado an opportunity to speak up — and stand out — with leadership skills, initiative, and intelligence.

Through Youth in Government and the three-day General Assembly, these students will build the confidence to lead others, speak out for legislation that they write themselves, and learn what it takes to create and pass the laws that govern our communities — all right here at the State’s Capitol. This YMCA tradition is the only program of its kind that offers this type of experience and access to Colorado’s legislative offices.

For three days during our Thanksgiving break, November 25, 26, & 27, seventh through twelfth grade GVCA students along with two hundred students from across Colorado, will have the opportunity to take part in going into the Colorado House and Senate Chambers to debate legislation written and presented by their peers. This will be the third year we have had GVCA students participate. 

For more information and to register:  https://www.denverymca.org/youth/youth-government


Please contact Ms. Black to learn more about clubs offered at Golden View Classical Academy.