Golden View Classical Academy Submits Charter Application to JeffCo Schools

The Golden View Classical Academy Charter Application submitted to Jefferson County SchoolsThe Golden View Classical Academy proudly submitted its charter application to Jefferson County Schools last Friday. This major milestone was the result of months and hundreds of hours of hard work and research and  many visits to successful charter schools throughout Colorado like, Ridgeview Classical SchoolsLiberty Common School, Vanguard Classical School, and Thomas MacLaren.  The application itself came in at about 650 pages, including appendices.  A charter application is a comprehensive plan on how the school will operate, covering everything from the education program, community outreach, serving students with special needs, governance, employee relations, and the financial plan, among a long list of sections.

We'd like to send a big shout out and thank you to the application team!!

Please mark your calendar to attend our presentation to the Jefferson County School Board on October 2, 2014.

If you'd like to receive updates on our application and progress, please complete the Contact Form.  If you have school children and would like to express support for a high-quality school option in our community, please complete a confidential and non-binding Expression of Interest.  We only report numbers of students interested in Golden View Classical Academy and this demonstrates demand for our program, an important indicator for the School Board in approving our application.