Classical and Core Knowledge and Colorado's Top Schools


The parents and community members putting Golden View Classical Academy together run into a lot of questions about classical education and the Core Knowledge sequence.  The concept of a content-based curriculum is not new and in fact is the approach most schools have traditionally taught students.  The academic program at Golden View Classical Academy is not new nor innovative, but a return to time-tested and proven ways to educate young people. The results speak for themselves. is a website that ranks all Colorado public schools based on academic performance, academic growth, and "College and Career Readiness," the same measurements used in the Colorado School Performance Framework (SPF).

Three of the Top 5 schools in Colorado are classically-oriented (we include Liberty Common in this), Core Knowledge schools.

  1. Denver School of Science and Technology (Denver)
  2. The Vanguard School (Colorado Springs)
  3. Liberty Common School (Ft. Collins)
  4. Denver School of the Arts (Denver)
  5. Ridgeview Classical Schools (Ft. Collins)

Included in the Top 10 are Jefferson County's D'Evelyn High School and Thomas MacLaren School (Colorado Springs), which are also strong, content-rich schools.

The classical model with a focus on content is a strong approach to educating students as these schools, and their wait lists, demonstrate.