Breitbart and the Hillsdale Barney Charter School Initiative

Breitbart_LOGOBreitbart ran an exclusive on the Hillsdale College Barney Charter School Initiative, talking about the importance of classical education as a charter option on the public education menu. Dr Susan Berry, the author, included comments by Mr. Phil Kilgore, Director of the Barney Charter School Initiative, and Dr. Terrence Moore, previously the Principal at Ridgeview Classical Schools and Hillsdale professor, an architect of the Barney Charter School model, and now school leader at Atlanta Classical Academy, a Golden View Classical sister school.

Mr. Kilgore speaks of the need for more traditional education options and the goals of the Hillsdale Barney Charter School Initiative.  Dr. Terrence Moore provides more insight into his school, Atlanta Classical Academy, and of the important of classical options being available to the public given the American commitment to public education, providing for genuine learning and an education that supports the values and foundations of our nation.

Golden View Classical Academy is a K-12 charter school opening in Jefferson County, CO in the Fall 2015, a proud partner of the Hillsdale Barney Charter School Initiative and currently accepting lottery applications.

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